Protecting our employees and clients is our only priority

People are the most important thing

The 2019-2020 Coronavirus pandemic declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has caused great bewilderment in every society on the planet. COVID-19 has had a considerable, sudden, and striking impact on our regular lifestyles. Everyone has acquired many new habits and behaviours, both in our personal and professional/social lives.

At Karibian Descanso we have written a Good Practice Guide in order to fight COVID-19. Faithful to our commitment with our employees, clients, distributors, suppliers and society in general, since the beginning of the pandemic we have taken strict measures in order to answer to all new questions.

The Guide gathers updated recommendations and applications according to the regulations and restrictions in force during this period. All the guidelines set out by the Government of Spain and the Public Health Expert Committee have been considered. We, in turn, are continuously updating ourselves regarding possible new changes declared by official bodies.

The rest sector is facing a considerable challenge and it is essential to maintain new standards in our work and social behaviour. It is true that in this new scenario it is not possible to predict what is going to happen or when or how; what we do know, however, is that we must be prepared. We are sure that we will come out of this situation stronger than ever.