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What is Breeze Technology? It is a new registered and patented sleep system with vertically placed micro-perforations in HR foam cores + Memory foams with densities higher than 35kg/m3. It is for the most discerning customer.


The sleep models that integrate Breeze technology are soft to the touch at first, and once you are lying down after a few seconds you will notice two sensations: the progressive adaptability of our 80kg memory foam and the firmness of our 42kg Hyperflex core. Furthermore, thanks to the new breathable foam technology called Gel Therm 45kg/ m3, exclusive to Karibian Descanso, you will have a very soft and snug layer of comfort in the padding. But what is even more important, if possible, is its ability to regulate thermo-physiological sensations (i.e. excellent ability to expel heat and moisture accumulated in the padding). Gel-Therm allows us to regulate the feeling of freshness.


Essence 80 kg is a top-quality memory foam, thanks to both the quality of the fabric and the 80 kg density. It is medium to the touch and is very adaptable (progressive as you lie down and very adaptable).

The whole product is very breathable thanks to its 364 vertical ventilation channels for mattresses over 150cm. It also has our technical HR42 Hiperflex foam, specially designed with very open pores in order to improve ventilation, as well as our revolutionary Gel-Therm foaming process, providing more comfort compared to other products on the market.


Offering maximum adaptability for all parts of the body, the Breeze Technology system uses two different sizes of micro-perforations, 9mm and 13mm, which are incorporated along the length and breadth of the mattress, improving above all the adaptability of the main zones that support the body, the shoulders and the hips, with the aim of keeping the spine as straight as possible.


The mattress technology in the Breeze series is able to add extraordinary ventilation to the memory foam’s own ergonomics. With the exception of the external fabric, the mattress contains more than 300 ventilation channels. Its ventilation regulates temperature and humidity, achieving a comfortable and cool mattress, and decreasing the risk of dust mites.


The main properties of Breeze Technology are the reduction and relief from pressure points, temperature and moisture regulation, top quality materials, appropriateness for all weight ranges and for people who suffer from excess heat during the different phases of sleep, and for the most discerning customers when it comes to comfort and breathability.