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Karibian Descanso has the OEKO-TEX 2017OK1452 AITEX Certificate. Oeko-tex Standard 100 is the international leader in eco-friendly labels for textiles free from harmful substances.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a consistent worldwide testing and certification system for textile products at all processing levels. Testing for toxic substances includes banned and legally regulated substances, chemical products considered as harmful for our health, as well as preventative measures. This certificate means better product safety and an internal quality control system in which the products tested may be checked against the Oeko-Tex brand by the manufacturers.


The tagline ‘Reliable textiles’ is synonymous with responsibility in textile production, safety and transparency. At Karibian Descanso, we are aware of the importance of rest and its impact on health.

Why should I demand this?


Oeko-Tex checks all product components and certifies that they contain no substances that could be harmful or bad for our health.


What does all of this mean for me as a consumer?


As consumers we can rest assured that we have bought a product that has gone through an exhaustive analysis, allowing us to be confident in knowledge that the product contains no substances that are harmful for our health.


If one component of the product has the certificate, does that mean the whole product has it too?


No. If one component of your clothes, for example the zip on your jacket, has the Oeko-Tex certification, it does not necessarily mean that the fabric, thread, buttons or the rest of the jacket do.

That being said, all of the materials used to make our mattresses are certified by Oeko Tex. This includes high resilience polyurethane technical foams with densities of 28-55kg, encased coil cores, memory foam of densities of 50-80kg, polyester fabrics combined with natural fibres such as Tencel, merino wool, linen, cashmere, cotton and materials such as threads, zips, draught excluders and labels.


If I buy a product with this certificate, am I investing in quality and rest?


Without a doubt you are. Buying a product with this certificate is an investment in quality and your health.


Does the certificate need to be renewed?


The Oeko-Tex certificate is issued by the relevant institute or certification office and has a validity of 12 months. The certificate states that the items included therein have been successfully inspected in compliance with the standard and that they conform to all the requirements.