At Karibian Descanso we have used COOLER technology thread to develop a mattress that is able to stay cool, allowing the body to feel fresh and comfortable. Cooler fabric provides that fresh feeling that maximises sleep quality and provides a relaxing environment for sleep.


Humans spend a third of their life asleep, so it goes without saying that good quality sleep is essential to lead a healthy life full of vitality. Reducing body temperature helps us to fall asleep and improves the quality of that sleep. However, sometimes our body struggles to adapt to room temperature, making it difficult to fall asleep. Quality sleep is essential in order to feel refreshed at the beginning of each day, and thus, staying cool is key to making the hours we spend sleeping one of the most desired moments of the day.


Cooler is able to maintain cool air flow thanks to its thermal conductivity properties and its high rate of heat absorption. In addition, it creates a comfortable environment as it is highly permeable to water vapour. After carrying out tests and trials in several university and internationally accredited labs, it has been shown that the innovative Cooler thread technology noticeably reduces temperature.


Do not let heat disturb your dreams. Feel completely refreshed at the beginning of each day thanks to the maximum comfort offered by Cooler fabric and its composition. Find the perfect balance thanks to fabrics and finishes with different structures that improve your daily sleep experience. Discover different models of comfort designed using exclusive Cooler fabric. Improve the quality of your sleep and continually reawaken your senses, feeling the comfort now and forever