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Springs are pure science, and it is their job to relieve pressure and provide us with support while we are sleeping. The highest quality springs acting in perfect harmony will be what keeps your body straight – they adjust to your body, offering support and total relaxation.


What makes an excellent system of springs is not the number of them, but rather the different types that are used, how they are laid out and how they combine with the layers of natural fabrics. The right technology balances the different variables in order to achieve an optimal result when designing the systems of springs. Each one of these systems has gone through meticulous calculations to relieve pressure and provide the support necessary to ensure a first class sleep experience at all times.


The most up-to-date mattresses combine the benefits of different materials in order to improve comfort and add properties. There are different ‘padding + memory foam + pocketed springs’ combinations that achieve excellent results. Memory foam in the padding makes the mattress very adaptable, a very important factor to be aware of if you have problems with circulation.


The mattresses of pocket spring, are formed by independent coil shaped springs, located inside small bags, individually wrapped by a fabric. All this causes each spring to move independently of the rest in a unique way.


This system offers many advantages. The special heat treatment applied to the steel reorganizes the metal structure of the springs, which guarantees that they retain their elasticity and their exact shape, and also always adopt their original position after compression. Each spring is inside small breathable bags, which allow air circulation through the entire mattress, making the temperature suitable for sleeping. In this way, we can enjoy a sleep without interruptions, which translates into restful sleep.


Enjoy a refreshing sleep without interruptions thanks to a system of springs in which soft motion is isolated. By reducing the friction between springs, more comfort is provided. This is different from other systems in that each spring works individually by absorbing the weight without spreading it out to the rest of the springs.


This type of mattress offers superior comfort, especially for those of us who sleep with a partner, as changes in position are barely noticeable. The reduction in the friction between the different springs sets this apart from other spring systems as each spring works independently from the rest, absorbing the weight without spreading it out to the rest.


This isolation allows the mattress to adapt perfectly to the person and makes it perfect for sleeping with a partner because it isolates each side of the mattress without compromising on breathability, improving the comfort of the mattress and providing a noticeable improvement in sleep quality.