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Who are we?

The year is 1998, three young entrepreneurs decided to give their imagination and energy free reign. This led them to break new ground and develop an advanced production system. Their guiding principle, right from the start, was that commitment to people and to customers was essential and fundamental.


Having laid the foundations for the way forward, they started work on transforming and manipulating all types of polyurethane and its derivatives. At all times they were supported by a very capable and professional human team, comprising more than 130 professionals.

Karibian Descanso was born in 2000, the result of a lot of effort and R+D+i. This moment gave rise to a new line of products, focused on improving people’s sleep, taking as our approach and guiding principle, differentiation and added value.


Over the years, we have succeeded in gaining a position in the market as a benchmark approximately 65,000 sleeping units a year. This means that over 350,000 people are now resting on our products.

To achieve this, we needed 3 factors:

1. Human capital: 130 professionals and a commercial network of sleep experts.


2. A method of working that is perfectly designed and suited to the needs of our customers.


3. The latest generation facilities with 30,000m2 of industrial area, advanced manufacturing machinery and above all top-quality raw materials which ensure that our customers enjoy a good night’s rest and which also offer different sensations, elegance and comfort.