At Karibian Descanso we work every day to stay up to date with the latest trends in the sleep industry, selecting the highest quality fabrics available in the market and combining them with the latest technology and innovation. HR is a new generation of foam characterised by its flexibility and firmness. HR foam includes densities larger than 25kg. Density is calculated as the relationship between weight and volume. Below you will find a wide range of sensations with which you will be able to customise your sleep.


60kg/m3 HR foam is for the most discerning customers. It is made with exclusive high-quality raw materials fused with orange blossom scent and extra soft grade HR, providing incomparable comfort. Thanks to its high density, it is a very resistant and durable material. Combined with orange blossom scent, extracted from the orange blossom tree, its properties make HR unique, helping us to fall asleep faster with its aromatic fragrances which balance body and mind.


50kg/m3 violet coloured HR foam is made from a soy base and blended with special sugar alcohols giving it good resilience and 30% more resistance over conventional HR foam. Thanks to its soy base, it is more eco-friendly and more resistant to aging, and it is characterised by its extra firmness and its intense violet colour, thus achieving an extra firm sensation.


50kg/m3 wine coloured HR foam is made from a soy base and blended with special sugar alcohols giving it good resilience and 30% more resistance over conventional HR foam. HR50 wine, with soy base provides an extra degree of ecology and better results at the resistance of aging, characterized by its firmness and its intense wine color, achieving an extra sensation of firmness.


45kg/m3 HR foam is made from gel. The millions of open cells which make up its structure plus the athermic properties of the gel are the ideal combination for the most sensitive sleepers when it comes to temperature, as it prevents our body from overheating. This extraordinary blend of products provides flexibility and improved circulation. Gel therm is a temperature regulator that combines quality with durability and freshness.


42kg/m3 HR foam is for the most discerning. It is made from special sugar alcohols and is 30% more resilient than conventional HR foams. It is made up of a very open cellular structure which encourages transpiration and releases heat faster. Hiperflex is very resistant and flexible, allowing for complete motion isolation. In addition, it is more resistant to aging, moisture and high temperatures.


Highly resilient 40kg/m3 HR foam is characterised by its special feel and elasticity due to its cellular structure. It is an innovative HR foam that offers sufficient firmness due to its progressive flexibility, allowing for the perfect sleep and maximum transpiration. It is a high grade natural eco-friendly product that offers better results against aging thanks to the substitution of some of its chemical compounds for soya oil.

HR 35

35kg/m3 HR foam has an open cellular structure which aids transpiration, allowing for better internal air flow. The foam is of medium firmness and hold, and is totally resistant to deterioration, moisture and high temperatures.