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These days, many people are curious about the benefits of foam mattresses but are hesitant when it comes to switching to a full-foam mattress. For these consumers, at Karibian Descanso we have created a line of hybrid mattresses as the perfect compromise. Hybrid mattresses combine individually pocketed springs with memory foam to create the most advanced sleep experience, allowing sleepers to enjoy the benefits of both materials.


They are state-of-the-art mattresses that combine the best of both worlds for a unique experience, with exclusive fabrics and designs and different beneficial properties which make them unique. As well as being made up of a system of 7 resting zones to correctly spread out the main areas of weight in the body, they provide a wonderful feeling of protection without compromising on freedom of movement, all thanks to its top-quality high-density memory foam. As well as the adaptability of the pocketed micro-springs, it allows for maximum breathability, freedom of movement and motion isolation. But let us not forget about the core, ‘the heart of the mattress’, which is the element which supports our body during sleep, providing a firm and stable base.


Last, but not least, its lateral reinforcement provides firm support for when we sit on the side of the mattress. A combination of the most advanced technologies and materials for an exceptional sleep which allows 100% of the mattress’s surface to be used.


At Karibian Descanso we use organic fabrics in the manufacturing and production of our mattresses. Over the years we have been able to combine the latest technology with the best that Mother Nature has to offer, preserving the essence of these natural fibres, to offer unbeatable levels of comfort, resistance and softness. This is what makes the sleep experience we offer so exclusive. You can feel the quality of our products even before you lie down.


Micro-springs are considered to be a type of pocketed spring but much smaller. They have a diameter of about 2cm and are in small pockets, reducing the friction between springs and providing great adaptability.


This type of mattress is ideal for those of us who want to enjoy the benefits of spring mattresses without compromising on comfort. In addition, their small size provides more adaptability and comfort, in other words, we can achieve motion isolation (memory foam mattresses) without compromising on breathability (spring mattresses), as the springs are only activated in the areas that come into contact with the body, ensuring motion isolation.


Some of the benefits of these pocketed micro-spring mattresses are better ventilation and breathability, feeling of freshness, motion isolation for freedom of movement, correct spinal positioning, reduction of pressure reducing the need to change position, improved sleep quality, absence of noise, all over great elasticity and better adaptability, comfort and durability.


At Karibian Descanso we carefully select materials from natural sources in order to provide unique sensations for your sleep. When it first appeared on the market, memory foam revolutionised the industry due to its beneficial properties. The correct functioning of a memory foam mattress can be reduced to two factors: it returns slowly to its shape (memory effect) and it is temperature sensitive (the colder it is, the harder it gets and vice-versa).


At Karibian Descanso we work every day to stay up to date with the latest trends in the sleep industry, selecting the highest quality fabrics available in the market and combining them with the latest technology and innovation. HR is a new generation of foam characterised by its flexibility and firmness.