Karibian Descanso was present at the latest edition of the Yecla Furniture Fair,  a meeting point for industry professionals in Spain and beyond. Celebrating its 57th Edition, this event was held from 17 to 20 September.

A must-see for all professionals in the furniture industry,this event is growing more important year after year thanks to the participation of renowned experts and different companies in the sector. This edition saw new developments such as contemporary furniture trends, professional networking and a boost through new innovations, all of which share a common goal: openness to new growth markets, investment in new positioning and a positive impact on the industry.


This powerful headline announced this edition of the oldest furniture expo in Spain, where 130 companies exhibited over nearly 17,000 m2of floor space. Amongst the most valued professionals at this type of fair, architects, interior designers and developers now form the profile of the majority of visitors, along with prestigious independent and chain stores.

Karibian Descanso, along with Nosolopatas, presented an innovative, sophisticated and exclusive display, where they exhibited a selection from their range of sleep products. The latest developments include contemporary trends and materials seen on the market, designed to meet the needs of all customers.

Below is a sample of images from our stand.


With the 57th Edition of FMY in 2018, Karibian Descanso has, as usual, invested in design, new product lines and a more open and innovative design concept. With this in mind, we presented our new model, Maximun 2019, an updated version of one of our most popular models.

Maximun 2019 belongs to our Gold Series and features a unique combination of the best materials on the market: high-resistance, viscoelastic and Gel-Therm fabrics, among which Tencel stands out as a natural, environmentally friendly fibre. This comfort model also incorporates side reinforcement for greater durability. As well, Maximun 2019 is OEKO-TEX 2017K1452 AITEX certified, which guarantees it to be free of toxic substances harmful to human health. This is true of all Karibian Descanso products.

Last but not least, Karibian Descanso wants to thank everyone that visited our exhibit: customers, industry professionals, designers and everyone else. We would also like to thank the FMY2018 organising committee and congratulate them on the success of the various events. Keep up the good work for the next edition!

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