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Karibian Descanso has been collaborating with Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy in Valencia in the organisation of the international professional tennis tournament ‘Ferrero Challenger Open’. This sporting event is taking place from 31 March until 7 April at the club’s facilities in Villena, Alicante.

These days it is no secret that exercise improves our sleep quality. Training our muscles and working our body is equally as important as getting good quality sleep. Sleeping daily is essential for keeping our body and mind healthy. Healthy sleep is linked to a healthy lifestyle.

The same way that quality exercise needs a proper warm-up, appropriate hydration and a balanced diet, quality sleep does not only depend on the number of hours, but also on more factors like having a good mattress, a good pillow and an appropriate sleeping environment. It is the combination of these factors that will help us achieve good quality sleep, essential for physical activity. Let us not forget that the experts also recommend at least 8 hours of sleep a night, as this is when our training takes effect.


The top performance academy Juan Carlos Ferrero-Equelite Sport Academy was founded in the 90s. It is located in Villena and is known for being one of the best tennis schools in the world thanks to its facilities and excellent technical staff. An internationally renowned academy that has 120,000m2worth of grounds located in an optimal environment for sportsmen and women to become great professionals. This includes the likes of Juan Carlos Ferrero (No.1 ATP), Nicolas Almagro (Top 10) and Maria Teresa Torró Flor (Top 50).

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During the month of March and the first week of April, JC Ferrero-Equelite Academy will be the venue of three internationally and nationally significant tournaments. These are the Nacional Junior, ITF Junior G-1 and, for the first time, one of the tournaments on the ATP Challenge Tour, the Challenger JC Ferrero Open. ‘The month of tennis’, name given to it by the academy, will include days of top-class tennis action, the aim of which is to improve this sport in different ways and make it more visible. In addition, there will be other activities in parallel, such as a professional players clinic, an exhibition match between pros and a training course on female tennis.

The Emaar mattress from the Platinum series has an exclusive design and offers a unique brand of comfort. It provides a mix of exceptional sensations thanks to the combination of Neropur and Tencel.

Neropur is a 60kg/m3 density HR foam made from a careful selection of raw materials making it extremely soft and giving it a pleasant velvety feel – you will succumb to the sweetest dreams. HR foam made from Neroli, the essential oil extracted from the orange blossom tree, is characterised by its pleasant smell and its exclusive colours, making it the perfect support for a lifetime of refreshing sleeps.

The 50kg/m3density foams (violet, wine) used in its production are made from soy and blended with special sugar alcohols, giving them 30% more resilience than conventional HR foam. This is why they are the perfect support, offering great durability as well as exclusive designs tested to fit the anatomy of the human body.

Emaar is made from Tencel, a 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable plant-based fibre, obtained by extracting the pulp from wood. This cellulose fibre is extremely soft to the touch and provides maximum comfort for the skin, helping to create a healthy environment for the body, as it is excellent at absorbing moisture depending on your skin’s temperature, ensuring in this way your comfort.

At Karibian Descanso we are always innovating, adapting to everyone’s tastes and preferences. In keeping with this, we have two options on offer for the top range Emaar mattress. The first option is softer (Emaar Soft), which has a spongy and velvety feel to it, making us feel as if we were floating; the second combines materials achieving a stronger and more durable firm feeling (Emaar Firm). In addition, for sizes bigger than 1.35m it is possible to combine both options in one mattress, ideal for those of us who sleep with a partner.

Keeping in mind that proper sleep is essential for sports, this is the perfect mattress for the highest performing sportsmen and women, as it can be adapted to the preferences and tastes of each one. The result of a restful sleep is well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Sleep and exercise play on the same team, and that’s why Karibian Descanso has done its bit by collaborating in this internationally significant sporting event in which many of the best Spanish tennis players from recent years have participated, as well as the world’s most promising young athletes.

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