It all began with a dream which, after 25 years, has become a reality.


Karibian Descanso celebrates in 2023 a quarter century. For us, this anniversary is an expression of pride for everything we have achieved throughout this time and, above all, a way to express gratitude to everyone who has accompanied us and allowed us to get here.

Without our employees’ daily efforts and the trust our customers placed in us, this anniversary would not be possible.

To celebrate this special date, Karibian organised a team-building event including various activities and a dinner party for the company staff —over 100 employees— in Yecla.

Celebrating a quarter of a century is also a commitment for us: a firm commitment to remain faithful to our essence of constant evolution and self-discipline and a commitment to each and every customer to always offer the best. 

In this celebration, from Karibian wanted to highlight the importance of the work well done and in the words of the partners themselves: “We will continue to grow to continue being benchmarks in the sector“.

An emotional night, where there was music, laughter and companionship.

Thank you for being part of us

We will continue dreaming and growing for a better future that will make a difference in our lives.

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