Rest is key to the growth of children and youth. Sleep regulates and restores the body, as well as their day-to-day physical and mental development. In order to achieve adequate rest, we recommend following a series of guidelines, including the following: establishing a sleep routine, sleeping a minimum number of hours and having an environment and space to rest properly.

Choosing a good mattress is even more necessary when it comes to children. Quality sleep guarantees healthy growth, and a junior mattress is key to children’s development. In addition to guaranteeing the best sleep, a children’s mattress has to take care of their health. Children’s bodies have different needs as they grow. That’s why it’s so important for children to sleep on the best mattress at every stage of their growth. The better they sleep, the better they rest and the better they grow. And in turn, the happier they are.

“‘Quality rest guarantees healthy growth’

At Karibian Descanso, we have different comfort models designed to offer the best for the youngest members of the family.  Choosing the right comfort model for each child’s needs is key to their growth.

The Junior Series is focused on mattresses for children between about 2 and 16 years old, bearing in mind that a junior mattress is a key element in a child’s development. Thanks to cooler and more elastic fabrics, your children will go on a thousand and one adventures in their dreams.


A high or medium-high degree of firmness is essential. Given that children are growing, their backs should stay in the correct posture, as a mattress that is too soft could lead to deformities of the spine. Firmness is a very important factor to consider.


The firmness of the mattress should not be at odds with comfort. That’s why we combine a firm core with adaptable padding in order to promote rest. A spring or firm foam core combined with memory foam or soft foam padding is ideal.


Any mattress must be breathable in order to stay in perfect condition over time and avoid unpleasant odours. Because we sweat while we sleep, the outer layer of the mattress must facilitate the ventilation of the interior and the core must also be able to breathe.


For the sake of hygiene and well-being, the room should be kept well ventilated, controlling excess heat or humidity, eliminating bad smells and preventing moisture and mould from appearing. When buying a new mattress, it is very important to get a breathable and waterproof protective cover as well.


Choosing the right mattress for children can sometimes be ‘difficult’ for many parents. It’s common to have questions. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the priorities and factors to consider when choosing a mattress.

At Karibian, we always recommend choosing the one that best suits their needs, considering their age, their shape, their habits and of course their preferences, as well as getting professional advice and offering good maintenance and hygiene. It’s essential for their health that they sleep on a good mattress, which will become their companion in adventures and dreams during their first years of life.

A perfect sleep model guarantees healthy growth

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