With the arrival of 2019, a whole new year lies ahead. January is the month par excellence for resolutions and we usually open the new year with a list of them. In general we are looking for a healthy lifestyle, but according to research by the Department of Psychology at The University of Scranton (Pennsylvania), 92% of people fail for various reasons. 

Most resolutions are related to well-being and feeling better. Some are very common, such as giving up smoking, saving more money, losing weight or practising more sport. However, amid all these resolutions, we tend to forget something more natural and fundamental: sleeping.

At Karibian Descanso,our resolution is for you to sleep perfectly throughout 2019. Do you want to know how?


Our hectic lifestyle nowadays means we prioritize almost any other type of activity, leaving sleep for last. Worries, routines, excessive screen time, work and chores… All these activities considerably reduce the time we dedicate to sleep and rest. But quality sleep helps us greet every day with liveliness, energy and optimism.

Rest is a basic vital activity in which a number of recovery processes occur. For quality rest, it is key to have sleeping equipment that is appropriate for each person so you can sleep well and deeply and meet every stage of sleep. Sleep is one of the best pleasures in life, and it is also required by our bodies for optimal functioning.

At Karibian Descanso,we offer the best options to combat sleep problems: our best sleeping equipment, designed to ensure complete restorative sleep. Our only goal is to develop the best range of comfort to induce dream-filled nights. We have plenty of dreams to pursue and there is no time to lose. Sleep quality may change for various reasons, and falling asleep or sleeping well is not always possible. In order to improve your nights — and your days, of course — many elements can be incorporated into your daily routine to help you sleep better.



Let 2019 get off to a good start with good sleep. At Karibian Descanso, we use the best materials on the market, state-of-the-art technologies and the latest innovations. Do not forget that buying a mattress means investing in your health and quality of life.

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