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Inspired by nature on a daily basis, at Karibian Descanso we use natural materials such as cotton to manufacture our products. Day after day, the benefits of natural materials are being requested for their numerous positive properties.

Karibian Descanso has the OEKO-TEX 20170K1452 AITEX Certificate. Oeko-tex Standard 100 is the international leader in eco-friendly labels for textiles free from harmful substances. This certificate means better product safety and an internal quality control system in which the products tested may be checked against the Oeko-Tex brand by the manufacturers.


Cotton is a very breathable fibre and which has a fresh feel to it. As a result, when we add it to our mattresses, we achieve fresher and more breathable products which allow air to circulate around the body. Therefore, in order not to sweat and to feel comfortable, it is important to sleep on a mattress which allows the air to flow freely around our body. 
This will allow us to fall asleep more quickly and to enjoy refreshing sleep for longer. The benefits include softness, resistance, a pleasant feel to it, breathability, and absorption and expulsion of moisture. Furthermore, cotton is good for our skin and reduces allergens, which is good news for both our health and the environment.
Karibian Descanso, commited to the Environment

Good sleep is necessary for good health. This is why it is important to care for your sleeping environment and bed, so you can get that restorative sleep that provides us with vitality and energy and puts us in a good mood. Selecting mattresses and pillows made of natural materials is also one way to easily and safely care for the environment.

After several years following tradition and evolutions in the world of sleep, we continue to look for ideal solutions so that everyone who enjoys our sleep products can find what they are looking for. We are committed to providing the best sleep for everyone.

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