The exclusive Eco Nature collection by Karibian Descanso goes beyond the limits of comfort.

In the new collection, where comfort and technology combine with the best natural materials, we now present coconut fibre. We are always committed to offering the highest quality in each rest model, guaranteeing the best for consumers in terms of health and sustainability. The perfect finishing touch for dreamy nights.


A good mattress ensures a good night’s sleep, which is why we should choose the right materials and invest in a mattress suited to our needs.

Coconut fibre is a completely natural and eco-friendly material obtained from coconut shells. A long process must be followed to harvest it and make it suitable for mattresses. First, the coconuts are harvested a month before they are ripe and soaked in water for a period that can last for months. The fibres are then separated from the fruit by hand, resulting in the final material. Each coconut tree bears between 60 and 120 fruits per season.


Coconut is a perfect material for maintaining a high level of well-being, thanks to its great capacity for transpiration. Coconut fibre is beneficial for health and the environment, as well as being an interesting component in rest models.


At Karibian, we are always committed to the quality of each of our rest products, which is why they are subject to continuous improvement. Proof of this is the OEKO-TEX International Certificate, which we renew year after year with Certificate no. 20170K1452. This certifies that each of our products, as well as the components used in their manufacture, are free of toxic substances. This certificate means greater product safety and involves a complex internal guarantee system.

Incorporating new materials into our rest models is the result of investment in research, development, and innovation. The company’s aim is to obtain and guarantee a higher quality product for consumers in terms of health and sustainability. All our products are certified and the materials used in their manufacture correspond to what is described. In addition, we use solvent-free, water-based glues to assemble our materials.




1. Hygroscopic properties: coconut fibre attracts and traps moisture from the environment.

2. High durability: it is very resistant and long-lasting, with no need for special maintenance.

3. Highly breathable.




4. Perfect ventilation: coconut fibre has a high level of ventilation, which keeps the mattress cool, thus preventing the appearance of mites and fungus.

5. Healthy.Because it is made of a natural material, it does not contain chemical substances, so it is recommended for health and environmentally friendliness.


A real luxury for your rest. The Habitat mattress from the Platinum Pocket Spring Series by Karibian is the ultimate in perfection. Belonging to the recent Eco-Nature Collection, this high-end model has MicroTencel fabric and combines natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, coconut, and natural micro-perforated latex.

In addition, with titanium pocket springs measuring 4 cm in diameter and 13 cm in height, the 150-cm size has a total of 1232 springs and the 135-cm model has 1100. The perimeter box is made of extra hard D40kg for greater resistance. Habitat is a double-sided mattress (Soft/Firm), integrated with 38kg Gel-Therm and 50kg viscoelastic foam.

Endless sensations.

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