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Summer is just around the corner. There are more hours of sunlight, the evenings are longer, the temperatures are rising, the sun is becoming the star and cold drinks are starting to become an essential part of our daily routine. It is not uncommon that, with the rise in temperatures and the arrival of the warmest time of the year, many people suffer from excess heat during the night. In the same vein, these high temperatures often prevent them from sleeping well and do not allow them to rest properly.

Have you still not heard about Cooler Fabric?

At Karibian Descanso we have used Cooler technology to develop a mattress which is able to stay cool and provide the body with the fresh Cooler sensation. This maximises sleep quality by creating a relaxing environment.

Humans spend a third of their life asleep, so it goes without saying that good quality sleep is essential to lead a healthy life. The importance of sleep is clear and keeping cool becomes a crucial factor in achieving good quality sleep. Reducing body temperature helps us to fall asleep and improves the quality of that sleep. However, sometimes our body struggles to adapt to room temperature.

“Don’t let Heat disturbios your dreams!”

Cooler is able to maintain cool air flow thanks to its thermal conductivity properties and its high rate of heat absorption. In addition, it creates a comfortable environment as it is highly permeable to water vapour. Tried and tested in several university and internationally accredited labs, it has been shown that the innovative Cooler thread technology noticeably reduces temperature.

Discover different sleep models designed using exclusive Cooler fabric. Comfort models that meet the needs of the most sensitive sleepers who need a cool environment during the night. Find the perfect balance thanks to fabrics and finishes with different structures that improve your daily sleep experience.

Another innovation acquired by Karibian Descanso is the duality of the two sides of the mattress: Summer side and Winter side. You will be able to adapt your sleep experience to different times of the year. Both sides of the mattress provide the sleeper with firm, comfortable and adaptable rest thanks to the combination of fabrics and its temperature regulating material. Innovation in different comfort models characterised by Cooler fabric and its benefits on the summer side. Feel completely refreshed at the beginning of each day thanks to the maximum comfort provided by Cooler fabric and its composition with lateral reinforcements giving the mattress increased durability.

At Karibian Descanso we fuse nature with the latest technology, offering the highest quality products with the most desirable properties in the market. Feel fresher and sleep better in an extra comfortable environment provided by the Cooler mattress. A pleasant sleep adapted to temperature. The highest quality thanks to layers of adaptable and breathable materials. A non-stop reawakening of your senses with the most up-to-comfort now and forever.

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