After the opening of the 56FMY 2017, the bioclimatic building hosted the “Interior Show”.


Work by the interior design company BIMBAMBUM, in which exhibitors from the Yecla Furniture Fair participated, among which was KARIBIAN DESCANSO. An alternative space focused on the contract channel, providing an alternative way of seeing the world of design and decoration, in which harmony with nature is the goal.

The great reception from the general public who attended the event, as well as the quality of the product on exhibit, is one more example of the effort the furniture industry makes in our city to provide a range of products in a novel environment which is different to the which is usually shown.


The model on exhibit is the DELUXE V7 from our Platinum Series;

The essence of relaxation, discover the real pleasure of relaxing on the Deluxe V7 mattress, a perfect combination of Visco Coolgraph, a new foaming technology, which comes from merging graphene particles in the viscoelastic. The combination is novel in that it provides better conductivity, which thereby frees energy towards the pressure areas,by way of heat, which enables the temperature to decrease faster.

It also incorporates Tencel Fabric, a cellulose, natural and biodegradable fibre, which is made from wood pulp, an organic material from an environmentally friendly production process, a comfortable fabric which feels soft and pleasant on touch,it is durable, a fabric which shines and falls in a way which make it unique.

It is suitable for all types of weights, thanks to the unique 42kg HR Hyperflex and our 80kg viscoelastic whose XXL slope is also adjustable and has reinforced sides which gives it better durability.


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