Reading before going to bed is one of society’s most common habits. This custom helps readers relax and sleep more easily. Reading is a pleasure for those who know how to fully enjoy it.

At Karibian Descanso we specialise in rest systems. This is why we would like to provide you with everything you need to know about reading and its positive effects on your well-being. Rest is paramount and good rest helps us restore our energy, have a positive attitude, and be less exposed to health problems.



Maintaining good body posture is essential for avoiding backaches. In order to correctly read on your mattress, experts recommend reading lying on your back or with your back resting on the headboard or wall. Good posture is vital for avoiding muscle problems.

We must also consider that a good mattress adapted to our bodies is the key to good rest. At Karibian Descanso, we have a wide range of comfort models suited for everyone.



Reading before sleeping helps us disconnect from our day-to-day routine; it also helps us fight boredom. Plunging into books makes us forget everything else so we can focus on the story in our hands. Creating a reading habit or routine before going to bed helps us to relax and fall asleep. Such a routine will become a clear sign for our body and mind to start disconnecting and begin to rest.

Reading is an excellent weapon against insomnia and stress. Reading keeps our minds busy and away from worries. When we dive into a story, our efforts are focused on the story. Such action helps us increase our concentration and at the same time activates our memory and recollections. Another benefit of reading is that it helps us dream.

“Fly, travel, discover the most remote places in the world, become the hero of great adventures and solve great mysteries. Something as small as a book but with such a great magic can take your mind to never-ending places without leaving your home.”

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