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The exclusive ‘Linen V4’ mattress belongs to the Silver Series of the wide range of products at Karibian Descanso. It is a classically conceived model with its own personality. Linen is specially designed to offer even the most sensitive sleeper restful and comfortable sleep thanks to its composition of natural fibres.

“Natural Linen” is an entirely eco-friendly fabric; a 100% natural fibre making it very exclusive. The Linen V4 model stands out due to its composition of linen, known for its resistance and durability, as well as its anti-allergic and moisture absorbing properties.

Modern elegance and comfort are united in this mattress which is characterised by its medium-high degree of firmness and adaptability, making is apt for those sleepers that need a firm surface to sleep on and to keep their back properly aligned during the different phases of sleep. A classic aesthetic style combined with the comfort of natural fibres that give the user independence; it is also breathable and entirely ergonomic.

This comfort model has a core of 28kg and 4cm of visco-therm essence 50kg/m3between the core and the padding. It also has insulating properties which ensure you are cool in summer and comfortable in winter. At Karibian Descanso we adapt our products to each one of our customers and that is why we have different measurements on offer (both for length and width), as well as different mattress thicknesses to meet the needs of each customer.


The comfort provided by the natural fibres make the Linen V4 mattress a unique model with its own personality. Thanks to its natural and breathable fabric it is comfortable, as well as being modern and elegant.

The combination of materials, textures and properties can be adapted to meet the needs of the most sensitive sleepers, allowing them to be able to fall asleep faster than they ever could have imagined.


Karibian descansoensures that you will enjoy a restful sleep through new sensations, elegance and comfort thanks to its use of the latest innovations and by always working with the best quality materials available in the industry. We have a wide range of sleep models available for the most discerning customers which can be adapted to their tastes and needs.

Visit our website at: www.karibiandescanso.comto discover more about our products.


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