Karibian Descanso renews one more year its OEKO-TEX® 2017OK1452 AITEX.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is the international leader in eco-friendly labels for textiles free from harmful substances. At Karibian Descanso, we are aware of the importance of rest and its impact on health.


Always in constant growth, looking to the future, looking for the perfect balance between
a great product, a choice of innovative technologies and a great human team.

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a consistent worldwide testing and certification system for textile products at all processing levels. Testing for toxic substances includes banned and legally regulated substances, chemical products considered as harmful for our health, as well as preventative measures. This certificate means better product safety and an internal quality control system in which the products tested may be checked against the Oeko-Tex brand by the manufacturers.

The commitment to the environment makes quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

This international Certification is a seal of guarantee of business quality. Its analysis is carried out in order to obtain and guarantee a higher quality of the product in terms of health and sustainability.

The tagline ‘Reliable textiles’ is synonymous with responsibility in textile production, safety and transparency. At Karibian Descanso, we are aware of the importance of rest and its impact on health.


Oeko-Tex® is a corporate quality assurance label. In the context of our intensive research and development commitment, and as a sign of full transparency, you can check the validity of our label by clicking on the following link on the official OekoTex website. Please enter label number 2017OK1452.


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