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Many people wonder if sleeping with a partner is better than sleeping on your own. Scientific research has proven that sleeping next to somebody has a number of benefits for your health.

At Karibian Descanso, we know that the quality of your rest mirrors the quality of your daily routines. This is why seeing to all related aspects is paramount. Below we explain in more detail the points to bear in mind in order to sleep and rest correctly with your partner for the well-being of both, avoiding postures that could harm your rest and health.


Sleeping well together often means agreeing to certain actions. Moving while sleeping is a normal habit that is also healthy because it activates blood flow.

On average, it is estimated that a person moves around five times an hour while asleep. In this way, we help relax our soft tissues and restore our posture.


The mattress is of paramount importance within the sleep system, and we depend upon it to move easily while we sleep. A good model is one that facilitates a change in posture and makes it compatible with the correct weight distribution. But above all, it is one that separates the sides of the bed so we do not notice our partner’s movements.

Espalda contra espalda

1. Back to back, no contact

This posture is typical of a solid relationship. Sleeping on your side helps prevent numbness in the body and uncomfortable postures where you bump into your partner. This is a good way to rest well while sleeping with your partner. This posture represents an independent, stable, and healthy relationship.

2. On your back

This posture is ideal and recommended for both sleepers. Neither of you will exert more pressure than needed and so if you are both used to sleeping this way, all you need to do is hold hands if you want to sleep ‘united’. It is also typical of consolidated relationships and self-confident partners.

boca arriba

3. Spooning, one of the best positions

Spooning is one of the best options for many people and it is also very common. This position helps relieve pressure on your spine. The best way to enjoy it correctly is to lie on your side, bending your knees and placing a pillow between your legs. Spooning is usually adopted at the beginning of a relationship, showing the partners’ good harmony.

4. Face to face

This posture is usually adopted by the most communicative couples, where the bed is a place for expressing and sharing ideas and experiences. These couples deal with daily problems easily, respect intimacy, and do not want to create distance.

Cara a cara

5. Cuddling or with intertwined legs

This posture is a favourite for many couples, although it may not be the most comfortable for the entire night. To practice it, one of the partners lies face down with a pillow under the stomach to prevent any pressure on the back. The other partner lies on their side and simply wraps an arm around the other person.

Even though experts recommend sleeping as a couple, it is useless or of very little use if you are not sleeping in a good position or if the mattress is not suitable. Sleeping with your partner can improve your mood, strengthen your relationship, and help you sleep more peacefully for better rest.

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